Verging on global success nearly too big for their own shorts, the kid comedy The naked Brothers Band will be making its animated debut in the forthcoming week, as Nickelodeon pushes forward with its annual Superstuffed Weekend, which commemorates the Thanksgiving Day Weekend. The cartoon special, called The Supertastic 6, hopes to offer fans of the show (and fans of the band) all of the same elementary humor and original music that fans expect. The Naked Brothers Band, a success in multiple territories both on television and on the concert stage, aims to capitalize on their current popularity, as culled from national tours and even movie releases.

The Naked Brothers Band, which is composed of real brothers who co-produce real music, but aren't really naked, is one of many music-based teen/tween sensations that has eked its way into regularly scheduled children's programming. Developed through Nickelodeon, The Naked Brothers Band is a live-action series that tracks actual brothers Nat Wolff (age 14) and Alex Wolff (10) and their journey through adolescence, which may or may not be related to the art of music. The series' writer/director is Polly Draper (mother), and the series' music supervisor/co-executive producer is Michael Wolff (father).

"We're excited to premiere The Naked Brothers Band's first animated special which showcases their humor in a fun, new, fantasy-filled format," Marjorie Cohn, Executive Vice President, Development and Original Programming, Nickelodeon Networks stated.

"This season fans can experience the Naked Brothers Band in a variety of ways with the new movie, animated special and Nat and Alex's upcoming live national tour."

The animated special that Nickelodeon is planning on airing, The Supertastic 6, hits the airwaves on Wednesday, November 26th at 8:30pm (ET). When a jazz musician (and criminal mastermind) is so jealous of the Band's success that he can't stand it, he threatens to take away the world's hair supply. Drama moves into action as the brothers, the only ones who can stop the global balding epidemic, transform into their superhero alter egos: The Supertastic 6.

The premiere of The Supertastic 6 kicks off Nickelodeon's "Superstuffed Weekend and is a half-hour television special. Nickelodeon additionally notes that the new season of The Naked Brothers Band will include a variety of musical guest stars form bands such as Papa Roach, Simple Plan, and The Roots, to name a few. The season three premiere of The Naked Brothers Band, which aired on October 18th was the number-one live-action program for the recorded week with kid and tween audiences, with more than four million total viewers (P2+) tuning into the hour-long episode, "Mystery Girl".

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