Sonny Wolff is the father of Nat and Alex Wolff, members of the Naked Brothers Band. He is rather goofy, and seems to embarrass his kids countless times on the show; however, he is a loving father and shows just that on numerous occasions.

Sonny plays the accordion, and performs constantly at the Rathskeller. He has asked his son Nat before if he may be in the band, and has proposed songs for his son to use, though they have been indirectly turned down almost every time.

Previously having been married, Sonny's wife died before the events of the show, when Nat and Alex were very young. While not seeming to grieve during the show, he helps his kids out with their troubles concerning their mother, among other things. Being single, however, he has attempted to go out on dates, but has been unsuccessful. He finally met with a woman called Betty, and together they have formed a band known as the "Hunny Bunnies". While being jeered during their first performance (the boos being mistaken for "woo-hoos"), they were offered a deal by a foreign agency, who loved their act.

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