Season 1Edit

The Naked Brothers Band MovieEdit


Nat and Alex Wolff, two musical brothers who have been writing and performing songs since preschool. With their band The Silver Boulders, Nat and Alex think that nothing could go wrong in their life. They have fans everywhere, all five of the members are the best of friends, and they have had chart-topping songs. They are living the good life, until everything takes a sudden and hurtful turn.



The band is nominated for a video-music award, but bad horoscopes make the kids overly cautious about their chances. And what happens to Nat while talking to Rosalina? The award was won by The Naked Brothers Band.

Wolff Brothers Cry WolfEdit


Nat must learn to cry on cue for an upcoming video and to also make Rosalina think he is deep. Alex is awesome at crying on cue and offers to help Nat for a price.

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